Visual Python Desktop: Set Up an Effortless Data Analysis Environment


Visual Python Desktop is an installation program that empowers users to easily set up data analysis environment based on python and generate Python code using Visual Python. 

It simplifies the process of configuring an independent Python environment, installing essential packages, and setting up a Jupyter environment, allowing users to focus on data analysis using python.

Features and Highlights
  • Independent Python Environment Setup:
    Visual Python Desktop establishes an independent Python environment on the user's system. This ensures that users can configure the necessary packages and environment without impacting their existing setups.
  • Automatic Installation of Essential Packages:
    The tool automates the installation of key packages required for data analysis. Users can dive into analysis without worrying about package management.
    (* You can also select not to install packages on installation process.)
  • Jupyter Environment Configuration:
    Optimal settings for Jupyter Notebook and Jupyter Lab are configured, providing an interactive environment for code creation and execution. Users can easily execute Jupyter Notebook and Jupyter Lab by clicking the shortcup icons Visual Python Desktop made.
  • Integration of Visual Python Extension:
    The program integrates the Visual Python Extension into the Jupyter environment, facilitating the generation of Python code through a GUI interface. Users can effortlessly create Python code tailored to their data analysis needs.

How to Use
  1. Download the Visual Python Desktop installer.
  2. Run the installer and follow the provided instructions for the installation process.
  3. Use the shortcut created in Start menu or on Desktop to execute Jupyter Notebook (Visual Python), Jupyter Lab (Visual Python), and Visual Python Prompt according to your needs.

System Requirements
  • Operating System: Windows 10 or later (macOS and Linux support coming soon)
  • Minimum 4GB RAM, recommended 8GB RAM or higher
  • Minimum 10GB of disk space

* Please note that Visual Python Desktop currently supports the Windows operating system. Support for macOS and Linux is under preparation.

Visual Python Desktop streamlines the data analysis process, allowing users to focus on their analysis tasks without being hindered by complex configurations.

Get Started Now

Download Visual Python Desktop and experience the convenience of GUI-based code generation. Simplify and expedite your journey into data analysis!

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