Release NoteVisual Python 2.2.4

Visual Python
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Released on 17 June, 2022

What's New

Seaborn App

- Bins, KDE, Stat options are added for histogram(histplot).

- Data values can be displayed on charts; barplot, countplot, and hisplot.

Pandas Plot App

- Pandas plot is now accessible from the visualization menu as an app.

Frame App

- Convert categorical data into numerical data using Label Encoding in Frame app by right-clicking the column.

Visual Python Inner Function List

- Visual Python inner functions are accessible from the top-right dot menu.



- To check which apps were used to generate code, refer to comments in each cell. For example: # Visual Python: Category > App 

- Data Selector component is applied in Seaborn & Machine Learning apps.

- When selecting data, an index of a DataFrame can also be selected. 

Data Analysis > Subset

- Improved data loading performance in Subset app.

Bug Fixes

- Fixed: Key Error: 0 bugs on Frame app.

- Fixed: Inner pop-up ESC key focus error.

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