Frequently Asked Questions

The Problem occurs when either :

1) you are using a different pip version (Visual Python only supports Python 3.x), or 

2) your user folder name is not English.

NOTE: Please uninstall and restart before you try below solutions.

 pip uninstall visualpython

Case 1)  Install with pip Version 3

If you are using multiple versions of Python, specify the pip version as 3 using the following command:

 visualpy install —pip3

Case 2)  Check User Folder Name

Jupyter Notebook seems not to recognize a path if your folder name is not in English. Accordingly, Visual Python cannot work properly. You need to either choose an English name or create an additional user account and name it in English.


If pip installation gives you SSLError, it can be solved using the following command : 

pip install visualpython --trusted-host --trusted-host

To upgrade Visual Python in the same environment, follow the steps below.

1) Upgrade Visual Python package.

pip install visualpython --upgrade --trusted-host --trusted-host 

2) Enable the package.

visualpy install

Visual Python may work on many up-to-date browsers but is optimized for Chrome.