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Release NoteVisual Python 1.1.7

Visual Python
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Released on August 23, 2021


1. Option setting: Saving & Recalling

Every time any app runs, the option settings will be saved in the block and can be recalled to edit.

Check out the 'Board' tab to see the record.

2. Profiling

The list will show all the generated reports.

Select a report from the list to 'Show again' or to 'Export' it to an html file.

3. Preview Buttons

Now there are two preview buttons at the bottom of the pop-ups.

- Code View: will display the code to be ran according to the option settings.

- Data View: will display the modified data according to the option settings.

4. Use ESCAPE key to close pop-ups.

5. Allocate to new variables 

Modified data using Subset & Frame Editor can be allocated to new variables.

6. Design changes

There were small design changes here and there. It's all in the details.

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