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Release NoteVisual Python 1.0.3

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Released on March 12, 2021

What's New 

1. New Blocks

- Pandas > Subset : subsetting data

2. Subset Editor (Data Selector)

- Pop-up to subset data from DataFrame and Series. 

- Available methods: subset / loc /iloc

- Each method provides row & column indexing / slicing / condition features. 

- An auto-complete code preview will be displayed as options are selected. 

- The 'Data' tab shows the results of the current work as a preview. 

- If the data is DataFrame with TimestampIndex, subset > indexing method allows you to select the data range as a string. (For example, '2020' finds data from '2020-01-01' to '2020-12-31')

Bug Fixes & Improvements

- Fixed :  Window size resizing error 

- Consolas font is used for code text.

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