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Release NoteVisual Python 0.4.1

27 Jan 2021
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Released on November 20, 2020

What's New

Visual Python applies GPLv3 License.

New Features


- First GUI design applied for VP Note and API List

API List 

- Common > Variable : Provides a list of declared variables and its details 

- Pandas > Board : Able to create API combination  

- Matplotlib : Plot type selection using image format

API Block 

- Line numbers are added 

- Provides sub-block option modification included in the main block 

- Clear board(delete all blocks) menu is added 

- To run blocks partially : Select + Double click (All sub-blocks are included in the main block) 

- To run all blocks : Double click on any blank on the board

Modified Features

API Block

- Block depth is limited to 6

- Removed option select button 

- Removed board maximization function 

- Changed the single string bundle quotation to double quotation 

- Included sub-blocks that are dependent on the main block

- Sub-blocks always move with the main block. 

Bug Fixes

API Block 

- Fixed : Blocks deletion while modifying code in Jupyter Notebook for option changes 

- Fixed : Code block reset failure

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