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Release NoteVisual Python 2.4.8

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Released on 30 August, 2023 

# General changes

1. App won't save its state anymore. You have to use Run&Save option to save your state as a block.

# App Changes

1. [New] Machine Learning > Pipeline

    - Added `fit_predict` and `fit_transform` methods for algorithms that fit/predict/transform is not available.

    - Added prev, next button.

2. [New] Data Analysis > Frame

    - Added Statistics type on 'Add column' menu.

3. [Edit] Library > Pandas library

    - Added MultiSelector component to `by` option in sort_values().

    - Added more options to value_counts().

4. [Edit] Machine Learning > Save/Load

    - Edited visible data types for target model to machine learning types.

    - Changed labels.

5. [Edit] Statistics > Student's t-test

    - Edited component for grouping values on two-sample t-test.

6. [Edit] Data Analysis > Data Info

    - Edited code for single column selection on Value Counts menu.

7. [Edit] Statistics > ANOVA

    - Edited not to force app to install packages. It'll now show install button on the top-right of popup page.

# Bug fix

1. Fixed popup focusing problem.

2. Fixed remaining app tasks.

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