GUI-based Python code generator

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Release NoteVisual Python 2.4.7

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Released on 22 August, 2023

# General changes on Running code mechanism

1. Now it'll not save to block by default. If you want, you have to use Run & Save function.

# New apps for quick Machine Learning

1. GridSearch

    - You can add parameters easily using this app.

2. Pipeline

    - You can select pre-defined pipelines and follow its steps to finish simple machine learning flow.

3. SimpleImputer on DataPrep

    - SimpleImputer function is added to DataPrep app.

# Enhanced apps

1. Package Manager

    - Reloading function is added to re-load the package list by clicking reload icon.

    - Search operation changed to show users suggestion.

    - New sort type "Registered" added.

2. Subset & Frame

    - No longer add condition line if it has no operator selected.

# Bug fix

- x,yticks label redirecting bug on Seaborn

- Duplicated group list bug on Student's t-test

- Always installing bug on FactorAnalysis

# Hotfixed yanked v2.4.6

- Pipeline issue on JupyterLab and JupyterLite

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